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Remembering Parthasarathy ji of Mysore

Parthasarathy P S ji, a renowned music lover of Mysore passed away sadly on 16th June 2021, after a brief illness.

Here is an article on him which had been published in the newspaper ‘Star of Mysore’ on 22nd January 2013:-

He was a really generous music lover who shared a lot with everyone through cassettes and discs in the early days to over Facebook in the past few years. He was equally interested in movies and cricket as well.

All India Radio had also relayed an interview of his in Kannada which had been taken by Dr Panduranga Vittala. Narahari ji had kindly recorded it and shared with us for which we are thankful to him. You can listen to it here:-

Radio Interview:       Radio Interview of Parthasarathy ji

Pandurang ji has written an article on him in Kannada which too was shared by Narahari ji here.

Family and friends remembered him in the SIRC Bangalore meet held on 20th June 2021. It’s audio is being made available here for those who missed it:-

Part 1:       Meet Remembering Parthasarathy ji Part 1

Part 2:       Meet Remembering Parthasarathy ji Part 2

Part 3:       Meet Remembering Parthasarathy ji Part 3

Part 4:       Meet Remembering Parthasarathy ji Part 4

May God give strength to the bereaved family. Those who knew him can never forget him.

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Very nicely written tributes to a connoisseur of film music Mr Parthasarathy alas who is no more. Yes we miss him in our meets from now.

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