Ek Fankaar O P Nayyar Posts by Dilip Pandit

Dilip Pandit Remembers Composer O P Nayyar

Enjoy this special programme dedicated to Composer O P Nayyar presented by Dilip Pandit ji. Audio:

Bulo C Rani Ek Fankaar Posts by Isha Vikram

Isha Vikram Remembers Composer Bulo C Rani

In this special programme on composer Bulo C Rani’s Anniversary, Isha Vikram Remembers him through his compositions. Audio:

Ek Fankaar Shamshad Begum

Gajendra Khanna Remembers Shamshad Begum

In this programme made on Shamshad Begum’s Birth Anniversary some time back, Gajendra remembers the contributions of Shamshad Begum ji through her songs. Audio:

Ek Fankaar Posts by Isha Vikram Vinod

Isha Vikram Remembers Composer Vinod

A special programme on Composer Vinod presented by Isha Vikram for your listening pleasure:- Audio: