Meri Pasand Posts by Dilip Pandit

Dilip Pandit Presents Lori Songs

In this special Meri Pasand programme, Dilip Pandit ji presents his favourite Lori songs for your listening pleasure:- Audio:

Anil Biswas By Chiranjiv Singh ji

Anil  Biswas :  The Bhishma Pitamah of Film Music (July 7, 1914 – May 31, 2003)

Written by Chiranjiv Singh ji, Former Indian Ambassador to UNESCO Anil Biswas was doing the final rehearsal for a song for Aarzoo with Lata Mangeshkar when he heard someone sobbing behind him. He gave a swipe backwards and the backhand hit the sobbing person. Anil Da looked back and saw it was Roshan. “Arre tu […]

Anmol Radio Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gajendra Khanna Remembers Legendary Singer Zeenat Begum (Part 1)

This programme is dedicated to Legendary Singer Zeenat Begum who was active during the 1940s and early 1950s and remembers here through her songs on her Death Anniversary. If you have any additional information about her, do please reply in the comments. Audio:

Posts by Isha Vikram

Isha Vikram Presents Kahan Ho Tum

Another programme of Vintage Hindi Film songs presented by Isha Vikram for your listening pleasure. Audio: