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Raag Rang – Raagasya Rupam Geetam Ch Nrityam

In this special Raag Rang programme, presented by Isha Vikram ji is titled, ‘Raagasya Rupam Geetam Ch Nrityam’.

Raagasya Roopam Geetam Ch Nrityam

It is is written by Ramesh Mishra ji (He has also shared the songs very generously) very fittingly for the theme.

Audio:       Raag Rang

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6 replies on “Raag Rang – Raagasya Rupam Geetam Ch Nrityam”

Very nice..mandir dekh sudama dareraag- malkUns&raag-bagheshwari paranaarkali(1951)ja
ag-jaag dard ishq

Outstanding collection by Dr RAMESH CHANDRA MISHRA of KANPUR.. PRESENTLY I’M at VADODARA, BUT I met Dr Mishra Sir 1983-1987..

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