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One Tune, Three Films In Three Languages

Thanks to Moorthy ji for writing this interesting case of same tune being in three films of different languages.

Dear Brothers & Sisters !

Adabse  aadhaaB Rafisaab !


Presenting three film songs , one tune.


Ustadon Ke Ustad was made in Hindi in 1963,

Songs composed by Ravi saab.


Its remake in Tamil as Vallavanukku Vallavan in 1965 Songs composed by Vedha., 


Its remake in Telugu as Monagallaku Monagadu in 1966

Songs composed by Vedha.,



Sau Bar Janam Lenge , Ustaadon Ke Ustad

-Singer RAFISAAB, Composer Ravi


Or Aayiram Parvayile ,  Vallavanukku Vallavan

– TMS , Composer Vedha


Nenunnadi Song – Monagallaku Managed

– PB SRINIVAS, , Composer Vedha

Rafisaab, was a paragon of humility & Kindness.
Film Ustadon ke ustad was made in 1963 by Modern Movies, directed by Brij, Composed by RAVI.

Song “Sau baar janam lenge” ,Qawali “Milte Hi Nazar Tum Se” and other songs were hit.

The film was remade in :
Tamil as Vallavanukku vallavan in 1965
Telugu as Monagallaku Monagadu in 1966

Composer VEDA requested RAFISAAB to sing in Tamil.

RAFISAAB humbly told him, there is a Tamil Rafi TMS (T M Soundarajan) please ask him, if he doesn’t sing, I will try to sing as I’m New to tamil.

RAFI SAAB never snatched songs.
This was his greatness.

Musically Pheeko Moorthy.

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