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Madhur and Swara present Ek Hi Film Se – Albeli (1955)

In this programme conceptualised by Gajendra Khanna and hosted by Madhur with Swara, the songs of Albeli (1955) are presented for your listening pleasure:-

Audio:       Madhur and Swara Present Ek Hi Film Se - Albeli (1955)

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Thanks for This nice program. ” muskurati hui chandani….”. is a well remembered song .

Dear Shri Gajendra Ji, At the outset ,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sharing the songs from one of most favorite movie Albeli. The movie was based upon the Hollywood movie “Fabulous Senorita”(1952). In 1956, in Pakistan also a film was made “Anokhi” ,for which Miss Sheila Ramani went to Karachi to shoot. It was released in India alsoand I recall I saw the movie at Palace Theater Allahabad . Since the movie was of small duration a documentary “Dayare Habib” (Haj Pilgrimage)was also shown . Coming back to Albeli, you have rightly presumed that Hum To Pee Kay Chaley was lip synched by Mr Walker. I was dismayed when I found Mr Walker singing “Hum To Ladne Chale”. Our puritan censor board objected the wording ”Pee Kay Chale” so it was replaced with other wording ,to avoid delay in release of the movie. There was a situation in the movie that Johnny Saab ,who was also suitor for Geeta Bali , had Khundak with Pradeep Kumar & decided to beat him and before proceeding for his mission, he consumed sufficient alcohol.

Dear Sardana ji, Thanks a lotfor sharing that. I Can imagine the scenes now. It’s a pity the movie is lost. Thanks to you I got a taste of it. I also love the songs. Glad you liked the programme. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Once again Sardana ji you have provided some great info Dayare Habib was made by Balbir Singh a film journalist and a major film distributor once. Met him many a times and knew the family well. The voice over was provided by Dilip Kumar Balbir Singh amongst others had released Mughal e Azam in Delhi UP region in 1960.
I have mentioned this briefly in my book Wrinkled Memories

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