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Madhubala Zaveri (Chawla) Remembered

Madhubala Zaveri (Chawla) ji was one of the active playback singers in the 1950s. Her duet with Lata Mangeshkar, Jaa Ri Jaa Nindiya Jaa and duets with Talat Sahab in Movies like Dost are remembered by artists fond of the era till date. Most of her songs were sung for composer Hansraj Behl.

Today, I was talking to one of her disciples Surajit Bose ji, veteran RMIMer who told me about a nine part series on Youtube made by Vasudha Kulkarni.

Thanks to Surajit ji for sharing it. Many Pranaams to the late Madhubala ji.

Here’s the link of the series (in Marathi) for those interested:-

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I came to UK 1962may and I was very fond of Indian music I bought a Radio just to listen Indian music 🎵 one evening I Heard This brilliant Ghazal Singar 2nd of march 1975 I was Amazed.She had beautiful Voice and beautiful style of Ghazalng Singing
I would like to listen to her

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