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Gajendra Khanna Remembers Sitara Kanpuri (Part 2)

In second part of the series, Gajendra Khanna remembers Singer Sitara Kanpuri through her songs recorded post-partition after Shalimar Pictures had wound up. Hope you will enjoy the programme.

Audio:       Gajendra Khanna Remembers Singer Sitara Kanpuri (Part 2)

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Gajendra ji, you presented a very well-done programme. I adored every song and the related information on the amazing Sitara Bai Kanpuri. I am acquainted with her voice. She had a wonderful voice texture that sounded well trained and beautiful. I’am happy to discover some unique ones in your collection. It is heartening to know that Anmol Fankar continues to dedicat itself to document and research the golden age of Indian music in order to preserve it. Best wishes & regards.


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