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Gajendra Khanna Presents Gair Filmi Geet Part 3

In this programme, enjoy some melodious non-film songs for your listening pleasure.

Audio:       Gajendra Khanna Presents Gair Filmi Geet Part 3

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6 replies on “Gajendra Khanna Presents Gair Filmi Geet Part 3”

Great starting music , started tapping feet, followed by first song, favorite singer Begum Akhtar will listen the full presentation 👍👍
Thank you 🙏🌹🙏🌹

Thanks, Gajendra ji. Nice presentation. Some heard, some unheard (by me) songs( like Meena Kapoor’s Gujarati song/ C Arjun’s song.).

Wonderful presentation Gajendra Ji.
After having done the Raag analysis of 20,000 Hindi film songs and publishing Hindi Cine Raag Encyclopaedia in 5 parts, now I am doing Raag analysis of Nonfilm songs (Geets, Ghazals, Bhajans and Thumris). In the last 5 years I could complete an analysis of around 8,000 songs. Non films are difficult to find and I am always in search of them. I would like to listen to the first 2 parts. Please provide me the links. I would also like to talk to you. My WhatsApp number is 9129506111. Thanks. K.L. Pandey 🙏🌹

Thankyou so much Sir. Your work is well known and it’s great you’re adding a new dimension to it. My humble pranams to you. I have sent you the link of both the programmes to your WhatsApp. You can also click on non Film songs tag above to access all programmes in the series.

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