Anmol Radio Diwali Songs Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gajendra Khanna Presents Diwali Special #1

A special Diwali programme for your listening pleasure:- Audio:

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Gajendra Khanna Presents Anokhe Bol #2

Here’s a tribute to our favourite Anokhe Bol Programme for your listening pleasure:- Audio: Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! Do share your own programmes with us too!!

Anmol Radio By Artists Post By Gajendra Khanna

Trip to Moon : A Tribute to Moon Songs

I have been thinking of doing this programme for sometime. I was inspired by Isha ji, Sushila ji and Padmini ji of Radio Ceylon for doing a programme on songs related to the moon. There are numerous songs in Hindi films that focus on the Moon, Moonlight, stars which is a very interesting theme. So, […]