Ek Fankaar Gaane Sune Ansune Post By Gajendra Khanna Waheeda Rehman

Gaane Sune Ansune #2- Waheeda Rehman Special Part 1 Presented by Gajendra Khanna

In this special programme, light is thrown on early career of recent Dada Saheb Phalke Awardee Waheeda Rehman with her songs. Audio: Gaane Sune Ansune is presented every Sunday at 7 pm IST on Radio Manpasand Online Community Radio streamed from Canberra, Australia. The radio station is available on their website as well as […]

Aap Ki Pasand Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gajendra Khanna Presents Aap Ki Pasand – Choices of M S Krishnamoorthy ji

In this special programme on Krishnamoorthy ji’s birthday, His choices are presented in this programme by Gajendra Khanna. Audio: Let’s all pray for Good Health of Krishnamoorthy ji and wish him a great year ahead.

Gaane Sune Ansune Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gaane Sune Ansune with Gajendra Khanna #1

This is the first programme of the series broadcast on 22nd October 2023 on Radio Manpasand. It features various songs old as well as new and is presented by Gajendra Khanna. It can be heard at 7 pm IST every Sunday on Radio Manpasand (It’s app is available on Android and iOS App Store and […]

Jagmohan Sursagar Motilal Post By Gajendra Khanna SIRC Bangalore Listening Sessions

SIRC Bangalore Listening Session – 15th October 2023

In the first part, listening session was presented by Gajendra Khanna. First part played an Iranian EP of Jagmohan Sursagar. A few other songs were played along with a request from movie Dhanna Bhagat. Video of the session is given below (maybe around 500 MB+ in all). This first portion can be seen/heard here:- Further […]

Kam Sune Geet Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gajendra Khanna Presents Kam Sune Geet 3

A programme presented by Gajendra Khanna featuring lesser heard songs from films whose titles have been used in more remembered films later. Audio:

Post By Gajendra Khanna Same But Different Snehal Bhatkar

Gajendra Khanna Presents Same But Different – Singing Composers for Other Composers – Snehal Bhatkar Special

In this special programme presented by Gajendra Khanna, a few songs credited to Snehal Bhatkar as singer and sung for other composers are presented. Audio:

Anil Biswas By Chiranjiv Singh ji

Anil  Biswas :  The Bhishma Pitamah of Film Music (July 7, 1914 – May 31, 2003)

Written by Chiranjiv Singh ji, Former Indian Ambassador to UNESCO Anil Biswas was doing the final rehearsal for a song for Aarzoo with Lata Mangeshkar when he heard someone sobbing behind him. He gave a swipe backwards and the backhand hit the sobbing person. Anil Da looked back and saw it was Roshan. “Arre tu […]

Anmol Radio Hamari Pasand Post By Gajendra Khanna Posts by Isha Vikram

Isha Vikram and Gajendra Khanna Present Hamari Pasand 2

In this special programme, commemorating 4th Anniversary of Meri Pasand, the choices of various listeners are presented for your listening pleasure:- Audio:

Anmol Radio Kam Sune Geet Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gajendra Khanna Presents Kam Sune Geet #2

In this programme, Gajendra Khanna presents some Kam Sune Geet all from movies released in 1946. Audio: Hope you will enjoy this programme.

Anmol Radio Kam Sune Geet Post By Gajendra Khanna

Gajendra Khanna Presents Kam Sune Geet #1

A programme of vintage lesser heard songs for your listening pleasure presented by Gajendra Khanna. Audio: